Embodied Ideation Toolkit


Continuing the work in the Ideating in Skills project, I developed the Embodied Ideation Toolkit (EIT) towards a market ready proposal during my Master graduation project at Industrial Design in Eindhoven. During this project, I spent half of my time at Interactive Institute in Sweden, and half of my time in Eindhoven.


During this project, I both researched the academic values behind the toolkit (phenomenology, embodiment, participatory design) and looked at ways to create a valid value proposition for this toolkit.


The Embodied Ideation Toolkit engages people in creative sessions by inviting them to use not just their minds, but also their bodies to connect to themselves, their environment and other people. If you ask the average person that has participated in brainstorms before, most of them can think of a story where they had to force themselves to be creative, or that they felt silly about their ideas, or that they were afraid to share their ideas with the rest of the room. EIT helps people get over the threshold of sharing ideas and leaves people feeling that their creative sessions are more effective, efficient and creative.


During this project, I have extensively tested the ideas behind the EIT in several scenarios with numerous user groups. Currently, I’m looking into the best business proposition for the toolkit. The goal is to have this toolkit in the meeting rooms of every (creative) company on earth in the next ten years.


This project is currently ongoing. Interested to know more? Don’t hesitate to give me a heads up!